Decimal fraction

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Main Concepts and Results
• A fraction is a number representing a part of a whole. This whole
may be a single object or a group of objects.
• A fraction whose numerator is less than the denominator is called a
proper fraction, otherwise it is called an improper fraction.
• Numbers of the type
5 4 1 3 ,8 ,2
7 9 5 etc. are called mixed fractions
• An improper fraction can be converted into a mixed fraction and
vice versa.
• Fractions equivalent to a given fraction can be obtained by
multiplying or dividing its numerator and denominator by a non-
zero number.
• A fraction in which there is no common factor, except 1, in its
numerator and denominator is called a fraction in the simplest or
lowest form.
• Fractions with same denominators are called like fractions and if
the denominators are different, then they are called unlike fractions.
• Fractions can be compared by converting them into like fractions
and then arranging them in ascending or descending order.
• Addition (or subtraction) of like fractions can be done by adding
(or subtracting) their numerators.

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