How can I calm the fear of interview

How can I calm the fear of interview

Identify the Reasons for Fear of Interviews:

The fears need to be overcome early so that these measures do not become a habit for anyone. For this, it is essential that you have to understand what exactly causes the fear of job interviews

1. Lack of preparation:

If you go for an interview without being completely prepared, you are little bit disturbance to have fears. It is the fear of being asked questions for which you are not prepared. This uncertainty usually nags the minds of individuals and prevents them from concentrating on what they know. It also develops measures and body language that have a negative impact on the minds of the interviewers.

2. Fear of not getting the job:

Many job seekers look for a good and well paying job because they have to support their family. The burden of that responsibility makes them need the job desperately. They always thought that what will happen if they don’t get the job. The constant worry at the back of the mind causes fear and this affects to they didn’t perform well. They worried if they fail to get a  job. The worry reframes itself into underlying fear of not getting the job. So everyone need to overcome it.

3. Fear of facing an interviewer:

There are many individuals who fear to face someone eye to eye. When they have to confront an interviewer face to face, they shy away and avoid situations like this. Even shy and individuals have to go through the ordeal of facing a job interview and they cannot escape it. The fear of facing an interviewer reveals itself through lack of eye contact and excessive nervousness. Such individuals lose out on best paying opportunities because of their shyness. So everyone can overcome this.

4. Lack of confidence in oneself:

An individual’s life, childhood and upbringing are responsible for his self  and confidence in himself. Individuals who are brought up in a strict and conservative environment usually lack confidence of his/her. Lack of confidence is visible in an individual when he grows up. He may have drooping shoulders and lack of eye contact with individuals if he/she is not confident. Lack of confidence may affect an individual’s career in a very big manner.

5. History of the previous jobs:

Very few people are blessed with stable careers in the present generation. Individuals frequently changing their jobs and you never get to see people stay in the same job for 20-30 years. In such a situation, individuals who lose their jobs due to lack of performance  and also lose their confidence in themselves. The insecurities of a volatile job life makes him scared and nervous. This fear gets visible during the future interviews. It prevents him from making a good impression during interviews.

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