How to cube a number faser

The cube of a number is that number multiplied by itself twice. For example, 5 cubed – denoted as 53; is equal to 5×5×5 = 125. The technique for cubing any 2-digit number discussed below is based on the algebraic observation. 

Step-1:       Write numbers in a row of 4 terms in such a way that the first one is the cube of the 1st digit, second one is the square of 1stnumber multiplied by 2nddigit, third one is the 1stdigit multiplied by square of 2nd digit and the fourth one is the cube of the 2nddigit.
Step-2:    Write twice the values of 2nd and 3rd terms under the terms respectively in second row.
Step-3:        Add all the values column-wise and follow the carry over process.


!)Find Cube of 14.

Step-1                             :        13       12×4   1×42   43
Worked-out row               :        1        4        16      64
Step-2                             :                  8        32     
Step-3                             :        Add the values column wise.       

Ex (12)^3 =. 1 2 4 8
                         4 8

Total =1728

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How to cube a number faster

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