Important Antonyms for Governament job Preparation

AFFLUENT-having a great deal of money(especially of a group or area)/wealthy POOR
ROUGHhaving an uneven or irregular surface /not smoother level –SMOOTH
FALLIABLEcapable of making mistakes or being wrongUNERRING
 ERUDITE-having or showing great knowledge or learning-UNSCHOLARLY
COAX-persuade(someone)gradually or gently to do somethingDISSUADE
CRITICISE-indicate the faults of(someone or something)in a disapproving way-COMMEND
ANIMOSITYstrong hostility-LOVE
RATIFICATIONofficial way to confirm something, usually voteDISAPPROVAL
PAROCHIALhaving a limited or narrow outlook or scopeGLOBAL
AUTONOMYfreedom from external control or influence/ independenceDEPENDENCE
ALTERCATION-a noisy argument or disagreement, especially in publicCOMPROMISE AFFIRM-accept or confirm the validity of(a judgment or agreement);ratifyREFUSE
CONFORMITYcompliance with standards, rules, or lawsDEVIATION
FACILITATE-make(an action or process)easy or easierHINDER
NADIR-the lowest or most unsuccessful pointing situationZENITH

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