Mughal Period (1526-40 and 1555-1857 (Babur:1526-30)

Mughal Period (1526-40 and 1555-1857

The foundation of the Mughal rule in India was laid by Babur in 1526
– Babur was a escendant of Timur (from the side of his father) and Chengi
(from the side of his mother)
Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the first battle of Panipat on April 21, 15
and established Mughal dynasty which lasted till the establis
rule in India

  • In 1527, he defeated Rana Sanga of Mewar at Khanwa
  • In 1528, he defeated Medini Rai of Chaneri at Chander
  • In 1530, he died at Agra. His tomb is at Kabul.
  • Babur wrote his autobiography Tuzuk- Babuni in Turki in which heves
  • In 1529, he efeated Muhammad Lodhi (uncle of Ibrahim Lodhil at
  •  Babur adopted Tughluma and flanking party system gunpowder and artillery in India excellent account of India and his empire. Tuzuk-i-Baburi was Persian (named /)by Abdur RahimMadam Bembridge
  • Babur compiled two anthologies of poems, Diwan (in Turki) andPersian). He also wrote Risal-i-Usaz or letters of Babur
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