Top Important Dates in world history

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776      : First Olympiad in Greece.

753      : Rome founded.
490      :Battle of Marathon; the Greeks defeated the Iranians/ Persians
327-26 : Invasion of India by Alexander, Battle of Hydaspes
221       : Chin-Hung Ti ‘Univesral Emperor in China, Great Wall of China completed
55         :Invasion of Britain by Julius Caesar the Great Roman General
44        :Assassination of Julius Caesarby Brutus
4          :Birth of Jesus Christ


29        Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
43 Roman conquest of Britain.
570 Birth of Prophet Muhammad at Mecca
622 Migration of Muhammad from Mecca to Medina (‘Fijird), Beginning of Hijira Era
(Muhammadan calender) on July 15
800 Charlemagne crowned Roman Emperor at St. Peter’s.
871 Accession of Alfred the Greatto the throne of Britain
901 Death of King Alfred the Great.

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